featured players

Coming From Flemington New Jersey Kurti has landed multiple top five national finishes throughout the years. With much focus on spreading innovation and having fun Michael plans to come ready to hit the stage in Pittsburgh.
From Springboro Ohio Chandler Steele has been quickly climbing to the top of the competitive ranks. Taking first place at multiple contests this past season, he is prepared to bring the heat in Pittsburgh, and stoked to hang out with fellow yoyo players.
After only competing in 5A for a few years, John has done more than most are able to do in their whole careers. By doing things like winning every contest he attended in the US in 2016, and ultimately winning the national title, we know that John has a very very very bright future ahead.
28584555_10155606907473386_1475049996_oHailing from a small community in Malaysia, Zaf has established himself as the kingpin of his area. With two national titles, it is clear that this guy is the real deal in Southeast Asia. Zaf’s tricks also speak to you as to why he’s one of the best. With so much style and showmanship in all of his combos, he can make anything look good.
Colin Beckford is a 1A and 3A player representing UNPRLD, Scales Collective, and is also the Drexel representative for the NCAA Pennsylvania YoYo League.
Colin has been featured in Cleveland Magazine as one of the most interesting people in the city, and has also represented yo-yo in commercials for Key Bank.
Jake Bullock started yo-yoing in 2004. By 2006 he was sponsored by Anti-Yo and ranked number two in the World in the 5A division. After proving himself as a world class competitor he retired from competition and focused on the fun and creative side of yo-yoing. He was one of the first yo-yo players to utilize Youtube and garnered a cult following with his low-fi videos and unique tricks. In 2007 he won the coveted Trick Innovator of the Year award alongside Jonathan Robinson for their contributions to 5A and pioneering the yo-yo “video battle” format. Jake still yo-yos everyday and contributes his artistic talents to the scene whenever he can. He resides outside his hometown of Kutztown, PA.

26782369_10155702555235873_882362263_oJonRob is your favorite yoyoer’s favorite yoyoer.  He developed his NASTY 5A style in Wilmington Delaware along with the Severance brothers.  He has won multiple state and regional competitions.  In 2007 he was voted National Trick Innovator of the year.

He is still considered one of the best dressed yoyoers of all time.